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Getting Over Getting Older

In this insightful and wonderfully personal book, a bestselling author writes with unflinching honesty and uncommon humor about the feelings that accompany the universal experience of growing older.

Never before have the angst, body blues, mortality tremors, and time obsessions of midlie been described in such fresh and revealing detail. And never before have the midlife myths, realities and opportunities been examined with so much narrative vigor and pure common sense.

Letty Cottin Pogrebin tells the truth about that uncharted period when time speeds up and the body slows down -- when you are no longer young but far from old, and you refuse to believe that you are over the hill. Pogrebin's journey out of her forties and inter her fifties becomes a user-friendly map of this challenging terrain as she demystifies the fears most people can't face and celebrates the possibilities most people can't see.