Lecture Topics

Should you wish to invite Letty Cottin Pogrebin to speak before your community, business, university or religious group on any of the following topics, please contact: Susie Cohen.

Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate: a novel
The impact of inherited trauma (the Holocaust and slavery) on past and future generations, the tension between romantic love and responsibility to one's people, and the changing relationship between blacks and Jews in in America.

How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick
Do's and Don'ts for what to say and when to shut up; how to choose the exactly right get- well gift; the foremost pitfalls when visiting the sick or making a condolence call; dealing with dementia; relating to a friend who is sick at heart; supporting a grieving friend and more.

How to Organize and Sustain a Jewish/​Palestinian Dialogue Group
The Torah refers 36 times to our obligation to love "the stranger." This talk will amplify that most-frequently mentioned commandment by providing a history of Pogrebin's experiences with dialogue and a roadmap to help your community create such a dialogue to enhance understanding between American Jews and American Palestinians.

Getting Over Getting Older

Jewish Continuity in the 21st Century

Will Women Change Power -- Or Will Power Change Women?

The path to a two-state solution

Among Friends: Men, Women, and Friendship

Family Politics: Love and Power on an Intimate Frontier

Being Jewish and Female in America

Jews and Gender

Sexism and Youth

Women and Money

You've Come a Long Way...Maybe (Women's Changing Roles)

Black/​Jewish Dialogue: How to Foster Cooperation and Mutual Understanding