Deborah, Golda, and Me: Being Female and Jewish in America

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In this riveting novel, the leftist son of Holocaust survivors, who promises his mother on her deathbed that he will marry a Jew and raise Jewish children, falls in love with a black activist talk show host.
An ebullient, deeply engaging novel about the enduring ripple effect of family secrets and the triumph of sisterly love.
Pogrebin's advice about friendship and illness -- infused with sensitivity, warmth, and (believe it or not) humor--is interwoven with boldly candid stories from her own journey through the land of the sick and her sometimes imperfect interactions with friends of hers who are sick or suffering.
In this insightful and wonderfully personal book, a bestselling author writes with unflinching honesty and uncommon cheer about the feelings that accompany the universal experience of growing older.
The struggle to integrate a feminist head with a Jewish heart can lead to a greater appreciation of both identities and the rewards of a passionate, well-examined life.
In this landmark book, Letty Cottin Pogrebin draws on nearly 150 interviews, personal experience, and current research to explore every aspect of friendship in all its pleasurable and problematic complexity.
A penetrating inquiry into the nature of the traditional family, the diverse forms of current families and how to create "democratic families" that effectively prepare children for life in the modern world.
A comprehensive guide to nonsexist childrearing in a sexist society. Though published in 1980, the book's fundamental principles and practical advice remain invaluable today. Parents will find in its pages a clear and specific blueprint for raising girls and boys without sex stereotypes and with the ability to fulfill their aspirations in a time of challenge and change.
A down-to-earth, informative, and compassionate guide to the working world, a world that can serve your needs as well as you have always served the needs of others--if you know how to make it happen.
A bestseller of the Mad Men era, this bedside baedeker weaves practical advice for working women struggling to balance career and family, into entertaining anecdotes from Pogrebin's thirteen year career as an executive in the mostly-male book publishing business. In short, it tells women how to succeed in business without really typing.
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The classic, award-winning, bestselling collection of nonsexist stories, songs, and skits that has captivated and influenced three generations of children.
This follow-up volume to Free To Be, You and Me is a paean to the diverse ways people form families, support one another, and honor difference. Stories, songs, poems, and pictures provide laughter and fun while creating an opening for children, parents, and other grown-ups to discuss sensitive issues such as divorce and adoption.
A child-cheering parent-pleasing book, Stories for Free Children reaffirms the joyful spirit of girls and boys who are free to be themselves and be true to themselves.

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