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A sampling of readers' reactions to Letty's latest novel, SINGLE JEWISH MALE SEEKING SOUL MATE:

"Compelling, passionate, brave."
—Janet Dewart Bell, founder of the Derrick Bell Lecture Series on Race in American Society

“Pogrebin masterfully explores issues of race, gender, ethnicity, and religion through her characters who struggle with conflicting moral imperatives in a sea of clashing cultures. Her exceptional intelligence shines on every page.”
—Helen Fremont, author of After Long Silence

“This bittersweet novel captures the struggle to honor one's ancestors and fulfill one's promises while recognizing the power, beauty, and burden of history as it shapes our lives and our choices about love.”
—Marcia Ann Gillespie, former editor-in-chief of Ms. and Essence Magazine

"Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate unflinchingly confronts the issue of Jewish continuity in a diverse and changing America. Most of all, though, it is a love story, delicious and sweet, and a book to be read with pleasure and savored long after the last page has been read.”
—Anne Roiphe, author and journalist

"Pogrebin is a writer of great depth and soulfulness, and with this book she catapults herself into the ranks of novelistic royalty. Her lovely prose gets to the very heart of what the heart wants, while also mining the legacies and commitments that define the rich history of African Americans and American Jews."
—Thane Rosenbaum, author of Second Hand Smoke and How Sweet It Is!

“A beautifully written and heartwarming masterpiece. Letty Cottin Pogrebin sensitively captures dilemmas confronted by many children of Holocaust survivors while reminding us that respecting the legitimacy of ‘the other’ is as important as remaining true to one's own past.”
—Menachem Z. Rosensaft, founding chair of the International Network of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and editor of God, Faith & Identity from the Ashes,

"The best book I read this year. Don't let the title fool you into thinking only Jewish people will enjoy it. My husband and I couldn't stop fighting over our copy. I can't say enough about how much we loved it."
-- Pat Schroeder, former U.S. Congresswoman

“This smart, lyrical novel explores the complexity of keeping promises to those who came before us, even as we may be buoyed or bruised by life. Pogrebin has created an indelible protagonist and with bracing humor and political savvy, asks some of the most penetrating questions of our day.”
—Dani Shapiro, best-selling author of Devotion

“From its stunning first paragraph to its poignant last sentence, Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate manages to illuminate and educate, all while doing a novel's most important job—telling a terrific story.”
—Ayelet Waldman, author of Love and Treasure,