LETTY COTTIN POGREBIN, a founding editor of Ms. magazine, is a writer, lecturer, social justice activist, and the author of eleven books -- most recently, SJM SEEKING SOUL MATE , her second novel, which will be published in May 2015, as well as another novel and nine non-fiction works. Here you can find her biography, a list of her published works, lecture topics, and a schedule of public events related to her most recent book, HOW TO BE A FRIEND TO A FRIEND WHO'S SICK, published by Public Affairs.

Essential Guidebook On Illness and Friendship

"After examining a potentially difficult and nearly universal experience---dealing with a friend's illness -- from many points of view, Letty Pogrebin has turned her findings into wise and witty lessons about a prized but neglected human trait: empathy. In advising us on what to do and say, she also shows why she’s the kind of friend we all would want to have if we were sick."
—Harold Varmus, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

“A lively, breezy, important book about conversations that are often difficult, but need not be. How I wish I’d read this before some of my own cringe worthy mistakes. Remember how your mom told you to just be yourself? Letty Pogrebin helps you be your best self, even in the most uncomfortable situations. You will thank her for giving you the courage to be a true friend. “
—Judy Blume, author

“I wish Letty’s wonderful book had been available thirteen years ago when I had cancer. I would have given it to all of my friends and begged them to read it. (Fortunately with a stem cell transplant, I’m fit as a fiddle today.)
—Gene Wilder, actor and author

“How to be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick gives us excellent tools and moving experiences to love and nurture the sick and dying. It urges and enables us to move towards those in need rather than fleeing in terror or despair. It is a handbook of kindness and care and will help patients and healers, which is ultimately all of us.”
—Eve Ensler, playwright and activist

“As she has throughout her writing career, Letty Pogrebin has once again hit on a topic that everyone whispers and wonders about but is loathe to discuss out loud. HOW TO BE A FRIEND TO A FRIEND WHO’S SICK is taboo-busting, groundbreaking, and had me fist-pumping with glee. Take this brave, much-needed book along to your next family gathering or visit with a friend. I guarantee that the conversations it will evoke will be life-changing.”
—Bruce Feiler, best-selling author of THE COUNCIL OF DADS and THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES

BOOKS by Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Pogrebin's advice about friendship and illness -- infused with sensitivity, warmth, and (believe it or not) humor--is interwoven with boldly candid stories from her own journey through the land of the sick and her sometimes imperfect interactions with friends of hers who are sick or suffering.
In this insightful and wonderfully personal book, a bestselling author writes with unflinching honesty and uncommon humor about the feelings that accompany the universal experience of growing older.
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Consulting Editor
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